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Elanco launches Stop Fleas Fast campaign

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Elanco launches campaign to educate owners on flea protection

Recent research by Elanco Companion Animal Health has revealed that while nearly half of dog owners allow their pets to swim at least once a month during the summer, over 45% of those questioned were unaware that if a dog is bathed or swims it may lose protection from spot-on flea treatments with only a sixth realising that the active ingredients in some spot-on insecticides can harm aquatic organisms.

With this in mind, Elanco Companion Animal Health has launched a ‘Stop Fleas Fast’ campaign to raise awareness of fleas and the importance of regular, fast-acting treatment. The initiative will encourage pet owners to talk to their vets about flea infestations and Comfortis chewable tablet for dogs, the first and only chewable, beef flavoured tablet that starts to kill fleas in 30 minutes and is 100% effective in four hours. The tablet is easy to administer and there is no residue on the pet after application.

The campaign will be backed by an extensive PR, radio and Web TV campaign that will be spearheaded by Gavin and Stacey actress and dog owner, Joanna Page, and RSPCA veterinary surgeon, David Grant.

Startling number of stray dogs in the UK

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Statistics have been released that reveal that almost four fifths of UK stray dogs are not microchipped

Last year 126,000 stray dogs were handled by local authorities and 7,500 were put to sleep, despite the introduction of microchipping twenty three years ago to help tackle the problem of stray dogs.

What dog owners may not know is that there is a statutory £25+ fee for a stray dog to be returned from local authorities, and after seven days this increases dramatically. More worryingly, however, for owners of non-microchipped dogs is that after seven days, if a dog is not claimed they may be rehomed or, in some cases, even put down.

Denmark, the first country to have introduced compulsory microchipping for dogs, requires that every puppy has to be microchipped before the age of eight weeks and no dog is allowed to leave its mother before that age. In 2010, according to the database in Denmark, there were no stray dogs, a couple of hundred dogs lost and very few abandoned.

National Microchipping Month takes place throughout June, Petlog are offering its customers the opportunity to upgrade to Petlog Premium for just £7.50 when they upgrade online (normally £10). Find out more about National Microchipping Month.

A full list of facts and figures on microchip numbers is available from the BVA.

Vets can help prevent animal abuse and domestic abuse

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Could you spot the link between animal abuse and domestic abuse?

On average it takes 35 incidents of abuse before victims feel able to report it. There are many ways domestic abuse can be detected, and vets could play a key role in helping victims report cases.

The Medics Against Violence (MAV) and Domestic Abuse Veterinary Initiative (DAVI) has been launched in Scotland with the support of the Veterinary Defence Society (VDS) and the BVA to prevent cases of abuse through specialised CPD courses and practice literature aimed to identify abuse.

Vets are in an ideal position to notice both the condition of a pet and changes in an owner’s behaviour or appearance, and as trusted members of society vets can play a key role in making sure incidents of abuse are reported.

For more information visit the BVA.

Guidance notes will be available from the VDS shortly.

PAWS report shows nearly half of owners not aware of pet allergies

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Pet Allergy Worldwide Survey (PAWS) finds 44% of owners not aware their pets can suffer from allergies

44% of more than 1250 owners across six countries were unaware their pets could suffer from allergies, and 51% did not know that pet allergies are more likely to develop during human allergy seasons.

The study, conducted by Novartis Animal Health, found 80% of owners wanted to know more about pet allergies. Given the statistics it’s definitely worth mentioning allergies to owners as we hurtle into summer.

Refer owners to Itchfreepet for more information.

Why do dog owners consult vets for advice but buy solutions elsewhere?

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Consumer research conducted by Elanco has found 6/10 owners purchase treatment from other sources

Elanco conducted a survey of 1000 dog owners and found whilst the majority would consult their vet on advice in treating fleas, worms and vaccination, most would then purchase treatment from other sources.

According to the research nearly a quarter of owners who previously bought treatment from veterinary practices switched to pet stores or internet pharmacies within a year.

But why?

Cost, convenience and method of treatment. Elanco conducted the study to promote Comfortis and the ease as which it is administered. In their case study they highlight a vet who offered a 20% discount for the tablet to great success.

No matter how good the service at your practice is, you are competing with a variety of more convenient, cheaper treatment options.

mydog uk phone app finds lost dogs fast

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<strong>Free iPhone and Android app allows owners to report missing dogs</strong>

mydog uk allows an owner to create a profile for their dog and links that profile directly to the dog”s microchip information. If a dog goes missing the owner can report the issue instantly with no need to worry about finding microchip details.

Owners can also receive extras talkdog and fitdog through the app. talkdog helps owners understand their dog”s body language and fitdog offers a number of tutorials for keeping dogs healthy and happy.

Download mydog uk for free on <strong><a href="http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mydog-uk/id452715625?mt=8" target="_blank">iPhone</a></strong> or <strong><a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fetchdigital.mydog" target="_blank">Android</strong></a> smartphones.

For more information visit <strong><a href="http://www.mydoguk.com/" target="_blank">mydog uk</strong></a>.

Missed opportunity to prevent dog attacks say veterinary associations

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BVA, BSAVA and Kennel Club express disappointment at government proposals

Defra’s proposals will only alter existing legislation that doesn’t do enough and is reactionary rather than pre-emptive.

Mark Johnston, BSAVA President said:
“Although we welcome the individual proposals they only tinker with the inadequate existing laws. The move… is a positive step but will do little or nothing to actually prevent attacks happening in the first place.”

Steps to introduce compulsory microchipping were applauded by the veterinary associations, but compulsory microchipping won’t prevent attacks and is only useful for tracing dogs and their owners after attacks happen.

Visit Defra for the full government legislation.

Pfizer unveils new equine worming website

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New Pfizer website promotes unbiased facts and advice on protecting horses

The new Pfizer website, wormingyourhorse.info, has clear logical steps for preventing and treating worms in horses.

Pfizer uses four sections: Manage, Test, Plan and Dose for each step of treatment, with diagrams to illustrate each part of the process. The website also has documents that can be downloaded and printed.

Paul Blanc, Pfizer equine brand manager said:
‘… We have listened carefully to what horse owners really want and need to know. The result is a source of plain-speaking, unbiased facts and advice…’

Visit wormingyourhorse.info for more details.

Millions fooled by rogue puppy breeders

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<strong>One in three buy from outlets used by puppy farmers without realising</strong>

The internet enables puppy farmers to sell to pet shops with relative anonymity, with both shops and buyers unable to see their puppies in their breeding environment. There”s no guarantees and increased risks both in behavioural problems and health issues later in the puppy”s life.

Puppy farming is unregulated, risky and morally wrong. Unfortunately it”s also rife and profitable: vets need to help advise owners as to why it”s such a bad industry.

Visit <strong><a href="http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/stoppuppyfarming" target="_blank">The Kennel Club</a></strong> to lend your support.

Free Puppy Buying Guide – Android App

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<strong>The Kennel Club release app to help owners decide if they”re ready for a new pet</strong>

The app provides owners with information on different breeds, basic welfare and wellbeing and other key factors that need to be kept in mind before finding a new pet.

The app also advises on how to go about buy a puppy, with a list of trusted breeders to buy from. It”s hoped the app will prevent the growth of puppy farming, and provide prospective owners with the information they need before buying.

Owners can download the app for free on the <strong><a href="http://www.androidblip.com/android-apps/kennel-club-puppy-buying-guide-317718.html" target="_blank">Android Shop</strong></a>.