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Tramadol Added to List of Controlled Drugs

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The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) is advising veterinary practice premises and practitioners that tramadol has now become a controlled drug and has been added to Schedule 3 of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001. The change to the regulations was made by the Home Office and was effective as of 10 June 2014. [...]

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New Treasurer for the RCVS

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The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has appointed a new Treasurer to replace Dr Bradley Viner who will become (junior) Vice-President in July. Amanda Boag was appointed Treasurer at the RCVS Council meeting on Thursday 5 June and will officially take up her post at RCVS Day – the College’s Annual General Meeting and [...]

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Industry believes new vet schools aren’t needed in the UK

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New vet schools are not needed in the UK was the conclusion of a contentious debate held by members at the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) Congress last month. More than 70% of voters disagreed with the debate motion this house believes that new vet schools will benefit equine veterinary practice in the UK. This [...]

Horse passports and phenylbutazone

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Phenylbutazone presence in horses prompts RCVS to remind vets of responsibilities

A small number of horses have tested positive for the presence of phenylbutazone, which, if consumed, can be harmful to human health.

Defra and the FSA have asked for the assistance of the profession in ensuring that treatment with phenylbutazone is properly recorded in Horse Passports and have said that they are working together to understand the cause of the positive tests, and what longer term measures can be put in place to stop this happening.

Read more at RCVS.

London Vet Show 2012

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<strong>Vetstream will be at the London Vet Show from 15-16th November</strong>

The London Vet Show is one of the busiest veterinary events in the UK with exhibitors including the BVA and RCVS. The show includes sponsor-led seminars, CPD lectures, business seminars and an extensive scientific programme.

Vetstream will be bringing its iPad offer to <strong>Stand I 75</strong>. If you”re attending make sure to stop by!

More details can be found at the <strong><a href="http://www.londonvetshow.co.uk/latest-news/the-vetstream-free-ipad-offer-comes-to-the-london-vet-show/" target="_blank">London Vet Show</strong></a>.

Open symposium on the future of veterinary medicine

2:18 pm in Associations, Clinical, Legislation, News, Practice Management, State Medicine, UK by Jonathan (Vetsforum Editor)

The RCVS Charitable Trust is supporting an open symposium to discuss the potential for developing a range of evidence-based resources for the veterinary profession

The event, titled “The Sceptical Vet: Eminence or Evidence? Finding the best way forward for the veterinary profession”, will be held on Tuesday 30 October 2012, 10.30-5.00pm followed by a reception. The venue will be the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London.

Delegates will represent both the human medical and veterinary fields, and are likely to include pioneers in the discipline, sceptics and people who wish to know more about evidence-based veterinary medicine (EVM).

The symposium furthers the cause of the One Health Initiative, which has the ultimate aim of bringing all medical practitioners together.

To register your place visit the RCVS

Vets removed for unpaid retention fees

3:56 pm in Legislation, News, UK by Jonathan (Vetsforum Editor)

563 vets removed from RCVS Register due to non-payment

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has published a list ) of those veterinary surgeons removed from the RCVS Register of Veterinary Surgeons from 1 June for non-payment of retention fees, and who remain off the Register as of 31 July 2012.

The registration status of a veterinary surgeon can be checked at any time on the RCVS register.

“If you know anyone who appears on this list and who is still working in the UK, you may wish to advise them they need to contact the RCVS as a matter of urgency to restore their name to the Register,” says Christine Fraser, RCVS Head of Registration.

For more information visit the RCVS site.

RCVS audit and risk committee membership announced

4:36 pm in Associations, News, State Medicine, UK by Jonathan (Vetsforum Editor)

New Committee instated following RCVS overspend report

Non-Council members
Elizabeth Butler (Chairman)
David Hughes
Judith Rutherford

RCVS Council members
Richard Davis
Lynne Hill

The new Committee was set up following recommendations in the RCVS Overspend Review Group’s report (otherwise known as the McKelvey Report).

The role of the Audit and Risk Committee is to support RCVS Council in meeting its oversight responsibilities. This will include:
• Monitoring the Council’s risk management arrangements
• Approving the internal audit programme
• Advising Council on the comprehensiveness and reliability of assurances and internal controls, including internal and external audit arrangements, and on the implications of assurances provided in respect of risk and control.

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Nick Stace appointed as Chief Executive and Secretary of the RCVS

A long-standing consumer champion, Nick Stace held the post of Deputy CEO at Which?, he was also director at Consumers’ International and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Director of Strategic Communications.

The role of Chief Executive and Secretary is a new one – previously the Registrar led the executive of the College. One of Nick Stace’s first tasks will be to assist in recruitment of the Head of Legal Services/Registrar – a new role.

Nick will take up the role from 03 September 2012.

For more information visit the RCVS.

Electoral Reform Services claim RCVS election process ‘fair’

11:24 am in Associations, Legislation, News, UK by Jonathan (Vetsforum Editor)

RCVS Council election ‘fair’ despite duplicate ballot papers

Concerns over voters potentially dual-voting due to duplicate ballot papers and multiple votes online have been discounted by Electoral Reform Services (ERS), who concluded ‘it was not possible to say there had been instances of dual voting’.

The ERS estimates the number of duplicate papers sent to voters numbers at 289, but hastened to add that even if the votes were discounted it would have had no difference on the result.

Read the ERS’ full statement.