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New Veterinary Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiative Launched

1:54 pm in Mental Health, News, UK by Lisa

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has today [11 December] launched the Mind Matters Initiative, to help address mental health and wellbeing issues within the veterinary profession. “Mental Health is a significant issue for the veterinary profession. Most of us have experience of colleagues or ourselves having problems. The Mind Matters Initiative is a [...]

Dogs inspire more people to get active than 2012 Games

11:36 am in Associations, Canine, Charity, Human, News, Nutrition, Public Health, UK by Jonathan (Vetsforum Editor)

Kennel Club research demonstrates health benefits of pet ownership

With the 2012 Games well underway, new research by the Kennel Club shows that a staggering sixty percent of Brits think they are LESS active this year than last. Surprisingly, less than one percent of Brits are inspired by Olympic role models.

However, 50 percent of dog owners claim that their dog inspires them to get more active. 58 percent of people with dogs exercise more than four times a week compared to one in five non-dog owners. Furthermore, 8 out of 10 people say having a dog makes them walk more.

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Vets and vet nurses wanted for Puppy Awareness Week

11:01 am in Associations, Canine, Charity, News, Practice Management News, Public Health, UK by Jonathan (Vetsforum Editor)

Kennel Club hosts second Puppy Awareness Week (September 8-14) to educate owners

The Kennel Club is hosting its second Puppy Awareness Week to help improve the health and lives of dogs around the UK, and is seeking assistance from the veterinary profession.

Puppy Awareness Week is taking place from 8th – 14th September and aims to help people find a healthy, happy puppy that is right for their lifestyle, whilst raising awareness about the plight of puppies and breeding bitches born into cruel puppy farms.

To help, veterinary surgeons and nurses are being asked to join in the week, putting up posters and literature in client waiting areas, and selling Puppy Awareness Week badges for £2, which will go to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

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Elanco launches Stop Fleas Fast campaign

2:10 pm in Canine, Companies, News, Products, Public Health by Jonathan (Vetsforum Editor)

Elanco launches campaign to educate owners on flea protection

Recent research by Elanco Companion Animal Health has revealed that while nearly half of dog owners allow their pets to swim at least once a month during the summer, over 45% of those questioned were unaware that if a dog is bathed or swims it may lose protection from spot-on flea treatments with only a sixth realising that the active ingredients in some spot-on insecticides can harm aquatic organisms.

With this in mind, Elanco Companion Animal Health has launched a ‘Stop Fleas Fast’ campaign to raise awareness of fleas and the importance of regular, fast-acting treatment. The initiative will encourage pet owners to talk to their vets about flea infestations and Comfortis chewable tablet for dogs, the first and only chewable, beef flavoured tablet that starts to kill fleas in 30 minutes and is 100% effective in four hours. The tablet is easy to administer and there is no residue on the pet after application.

The campaign will be backed by an extensive PR, radio and Web TV campaign that will be spearheaded by Gavin and Stacey actress and dog owner, Joanna Page, and RSPCA veterinary surgeon, David Grant.

Lloyds reinstates pet insurance plans

11:00 am in Associations, Companies, News, Products, Public Health, UK by Jonathan (Vetsforum Editor)

National pressure forces u-turn on pet insurance cancellations

Lloyds TSB and Halifax announced plans to withdraw pet insurance policies last year quoting, in part, rising veterinary costs as a core reason for their decision. The BVA and other veterinary associations strongly refuted these claims.

Unwell pets who were formerly on insurance policies with the banks will have their policies reinstated, however Lloyds and Halifax will not be offering new policies, nor will they be providing insurance for the 25 000 pets which are not unwell.

The move has been welcomed by owners of ill pets, as finding insurance for pets with existing conditions is incredibly difficult.

Vets back compulsory microchipping

12:48 pm in Canine, Legislation, News, Public Health, UK by Jonathan (Vetsforum Editor)

Veterinary associations welcome Welsh government proposals

Veterinary associations including the Kennel Club and BVA have wholeheartedly supported the Welsh government’s proposals to introduce compulsory microchipping.

The new proposals will ensure all dogs are stored on a microchip database, making it far easier for owners to find their lost pets whilst cutting costs for local authorities in kennelling stray dogs.

A consultation for the proposal will run until 08 August 2012. The Kennel Club urges vets to add their support to the Welsh government.

If these measures prove effective, compulsory microchipping could be introduced throughout the UK.

PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report (PAW 2012)

3:58 pm in Charity, Legislation, News, UK by Jonathan (Vetsforum Editor)

The PDSA need your advice in the latest PAW report

Feedback from vets and vet nurses will shape the PDSA’s wellbeing policies and advice to owners, and will help the PDSA analyse the true state of pet care in the UK.

Vets and vet nurses have a unique insight into the world of pet care. If you have a few minutes to spare please help the PDSA.

AWF Discussion Forum: do cows belong in fields and horses on racetracks?

3:48 pm in Clinical, Legislation, News, Public Health, State Medicine, UK by Jonathan (Vetsforum Editor)

Animal Welfare Foundation’s (AWF) annual Discussion Forum to focus on the use of animals for human benefit

The AWF’s Discussion Forum will highlight the use of animals in horse racing, livestock shows, hobby farming and ‘super dairies’.

The event will take place in London on 14 May 10:30 – 17:00. View the full programme

For full information visit the BVA-AWF site.

How many patients is too many?

4:32 pm in Clinical, News, Practice Management, Practice Management News by Jonathan (Vetsforum Editor)

How many patients can be realistically cared for in an average day?

Getting new clients and a steady flow of patients is a vital part of making a name for your practice and keeping yourself afloat financially. However is there a point when you have too many patients and can’t possibly provide adequate care for them all?

VIN.com looks at the case of a vet who sees 40-50 patients a day.

Vets can help prevent animal abuse and domestic abuse

3:49 pm in News, Public Health by Jonathan (Vetsforum Editor)

Could you spot the link between animal abuse and domestic abuse?

On average it takes 35 incidents of abuse before victims feel able to report it. There are many ways domestic abuse can be detected, and vets could play a key role in helping victims report cases.

The Medics Against Violence (MAV) and Domestic Abuse Veterinary Initiative (DAVI) has been launched in Scotland with the support of the Veterinary Defence Society (VDS) and the BVA to prevent cases of abuse through specialised CPD courses and practice literature aimed to identify abuse.

Vets are in an ideal position to notice both the condition of a pet and changes in an owner’s behaviour or appearance, and as trusted members of society vets can play a key role in making sure incidents of abuse are reported.

For more information visit the BVA.

Guidance notes will be available from the VDS shortly.